Big Brother Timebomb: meet Amy and Sally Broadbent

Double trouble...

Age: 27


From: Manchester

Occupation: Amy is a nightclub hostess, Sally is a personal trainer


Sally: “Amy!

Amy: “Sally!”

Fun fact: If the press release is anything to go by, these twins tend to speak with one voice. An example: “We went on TOWIE a couple of years ago, but we didn’t really love it, did we?” 

They say:

We met Amanda Holden in the toilets two weeks ago and we stalked her! We love Amanda Holden, she is our favourite, otherwise we wouldn’t have because our mum told us not to.”

“I don’t think we are tactical enough for a game plan. I’d be like, ‘Sally, remember the game plan!’ What is a game plan? What do you do? There’s nothing we wouldn’t do. If it’s really bad you’ll know about it on the day!”

Almost famous:


They were previously on TOWIE, but didn’t enjoy it.