Big Brother Timebomb evicts first housemate Simon during launch show

The new series detonated its first shock before the first episode was even over...


Big Brother unleashed 15 new housemates on the viewing public tonight – and then promptly evicted one of them.


Self-professed “Mr Showbiz” Simon Gross was booted out of the house after BB detonated the first explosion of its Timebomb-themed series.

Just prior to the eviction, viewers were asked to cast votes via the show’s new app, choosing the five housemates they wanted to see take part in an unspecified game, which host Emma Willis promised would be “richly rewarding” for some but would lead to “dire consequences” for the remaining contestant. 

After two minutes of voting, models Adjoa and Jade, “posh boy” Nick, Jack “Pie Face” McDermott and Simon found themselves involved in the game. They were each asked to choose one of five Timebombs and in turn to pull the pins.

Jack’s bomb granted him three immunity passes from eviction, Nick was told he must nominate face to face in front of fellow housemates for the rest of his time in the house, while Jade was given the ability to claim a luxury shopping budget exclusively for herself at any time throughout her stay.

The final two, Jade and Simon, then pulled their pins together to discover that Jade was safe and Simon would be leaving – but not before he was shown the traditional ‘best bits’ of his time on the show, even if there were only 30 seconds of them…

As he left the show, Simon warned, “You haven’t seen the last of me yet”, but back in the Bit On The Side studio, Emma didn’t seem so convinced. It seems Simon may already have had his 15 minutes of fame – quite literally…


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