Comedian Lee Mack (really) wants a role in Doctor Who

At Sunday's TV Baftas, Mack revealed he's keen to cameo alongside Peter Capaldi and talked Not Going Out

Not content with writing and starring in his BBC1 sitcom Not Going Out, Lee Mack is angling for a cameo in Doctor Who. The 46-year-old comic was on the red carpet at last night’s Bafta television awards and stopped to tell that he was using the event as a sneaky opportunity to get his ambition heard. 


“I’m desperate to get a part in Doctor Who. I really am. I’m using tonight as a shameless way to get into Doctor Who,” he told us. “It would be literally the only time my children would be impressed by anything I’ve done in life.”

Mack is a dedicated Doctor Who fan, and he’s definitely been doing his research to prepare for a role in the show: “We’ve literally sat down and watched every episode back-to-back, from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi. Just finished, hence this look of tiredness. Back to back for the last four weeks.”

His verdict is that current Doctor Peter Capaldi is the best ever. In fact, he was pretty disappointed that the star wasn’t also on the red carpet. 

“I’m rooting for someone who’s not been nominated,” Mack told us. “I wanted Peter Capaldi to win for Doctor Who. He’s not been nominated. He’s my favourite Doctor Who.”

Mack also told us that he’s about to start work on a Christmas special for Not Going Out, and that fans might just get another full series of the sitcom: “Perhaps. We’ll see…”


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