Bridget Jones 3? I hope Darcy comes back from the dead, says Gemma Jones

The Bafta-winning actress is keen to return to the role of Mrs Jones, but would like things to turn out a little better for Mr Darcy on screen than in the books...

If Helen Fielding’s third instalment of Bridget Jones makes it to the big screen, then actress Gemma Jones – aka Mrs Jones – is primed and ready. But, like many of us, she’d like things to turn out a little differently for Mr Darcy who was dramatically killed off by the author in the interim between books two and three.


“I rather hope he might come back from the dead,” Jones told on the red carpet at last night’s Bafta TV Awards.

Wouldn’t we all? The book, 2013’s Mad About the Boy, hit us hard with that nugget of information. Bridget, Mark and his folding underpants were last seen all loved up and happy before readers were abruptly introduced to the harsh reality of Bridget as a widow, five years on from Darcy’s untimely death (he drove over a landmine), raising their two children while trying to figure out what on earth a tweet is.

But Jones – who won the best actress Bafta last night for her role in BBC2’s Marvellous – says the studio needs to get a wiggle on. “I met Jim Broadbent [her on-screen husband]  the other day and said: ‘They’d better hurry up or we’ll both be on our zimmer frames!’”

Mr Darcy himself, Colin Firth, has already expressed his interest in continuing the franchise. Presumably he’d like things to go a little better in cinemas, too.

“It would have to have somewhere to go,” Firth told The Independent when asked about a third film earlier this year. “Back at the time, I said that a third one should only happen if we were telling a story about having moved into a different generation when we were all beginning to deteriorate a little bit. I think we might be ready for that moment!”

And it seems talk of a Darcy return isn’t entirely implausible – Fielding herself has alluded to the various ways in which he could return:

“It’s possible. Remember the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, when 007 fakes his own death?” Fielding teased the Daily Mail. “And in Kill Bill 2, Uma Thurman is buried and digs her way out. These are all good ideas – you’ll have to watch out.”

Whether she’s pulling our leg, or he’ll simply turn up, dust off his latest Christmas jumper and get back to the business of looking at Bridget’s wobbly bits remains to be seen…

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