Paul Hollywood: “I’m really upset about Top Gear – it was handled wrongly”

The Bafta nominee on being a "car nut" and Mary Berry's walk-in fridge of wall-to-wall cake...

How much TV do you watch?

When Bake Off isn’t filming, I watch quite a bit. I’m a car nut and Top Gear was a favourite, I’m really upset about it. I only know what’s been in the press, but it was handled wrongly. It could have been dealt with quietly — whether Jeremy left in the end is almost immaterial. I’m actually doing my own programme about cars at the moment. I’ve got my racing licence, have started racing for Aston Martin and was invited to do Le Mans this year.


Who would you choose to replace those three guys?

You can’t replace those three guys. Change it, don’t mimic it. Maybe get Tiff Needell, or the old Stig Ben Collins back. Or Jodie Kidd — it would be nice to have a woman.

How many screens do you have in your home?

We’ve got one TV in the sitting room and my son’s gaming TV. We play football together on it and he kicks my butt! I try to get the biggest TVs I possibly can but my wife puts her foot down because they look hideous.

How big is your fridge?

We have a normal fridge but Mary Berry has got a fridge bigger than my first house. It’s a walk-in fridge and it’s wall-to-wall cake.

Audience Award favourite?

I’d love Bake Off to win! 


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