Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who, Sherlock and watching boyfriend Richard Madden in Game of Thrones

The actress discusses her favourite shows and who she wants to win the Radio Times Audience Award...


How much TV do you watch?

 A lot in the car on my iPad while travelling between Cardiff, where we film Doctor Who, and London… Poldark, Inside No 9, Location, Location, Location — I’m house-hunting and want to call Kirstie and Phil so they can help me! 


Are you a sci-fi fan? 

I prefer the epic whimsical storytelling in Who rather than the sci-fi. I do like fantasy adventure though – I love Game of Thrones.

Was it weird watching your boyfriend Richard Madden playing Robb Stark in Game of Thrones?

No, not at all. He was so different in it accent-wise and costume-wise that I forgot it was him and enjoyed it as a viewer. He’s Scottish and so normal, nothing like Robb at all!


Who do you want to win the Radio Times Audience Award?

Sherlock. It never fails to surprise and challenge. 

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