Andrew Scott on Bake Off, TV snobbery and going from villain to romantic lead

The Bafta nominee on Sherlock making the Audience Award shortlist, how coming out has affected his career, and why there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure...

How much TV do you watch?

I used to watch more than I do now! I’ve started an awful lot of box sets but then think, “I’m never going to be able to commit to this!”


How many screens do you have at home? 

I have one TV but I did watch Ireland win the Six Nations in bed on my iPad!

What do you enjoy?

I like to mix the highbrow with the lowbrow. I hate it when people say, “What’s your guilty pleasure?” There can be a terrible snobbery if you work in the theatre, where worthy artists frown on reality TV. I’ve definitely watched a bit of TOWIE

First TV crush?

There was a guy in CHiPs, Poncherello… He had good teeth!

Has coming out changed your career?

I came out a long time ago but since people have cottoned on to it I’ve done three Hollywood movies, so not in my experience. I don’t think it’s about sexuality, it’s about a person’s energy. Before I did Moriarty, I felt like I had a villain in me because of the way I looked, but I had an innocent little Irish face and wasn’t seen like that. Now it’s the opposite and I’m really looking to play a romantic character in something contemporary where I get to wear jeans!

Audience Award favourite?

It would be a bit boring if I said Sherlock, so Bake Off — I like the sewing and painting versions, too. I’ve been inspired, but certainly not enough to bake myself… or run up a pinny! 


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