Peter Firth on Spooks the film: I expressed grave doubts about a harrowing scene with Lara Pulver

Firth is back as MI5 boss Harry Pearce on the big screen - but don't expect Bond or Bourne, he tells


Last time we saw Spooks’ head of counter-terrorism Harry Pearce, he was mourning the untimely death of fellow operative and soulmate Ruth Evershed in 2011.


Four years on, actor Peter Firth is back in Pearce’s shoes in a film sequel to the BBC spy drama – and admits he felt as bereft as many viewers after that heart-rending finale.

“I did have hopes that one day we might settle down in a cottage by the sea together and open a tea shop and be reminiscing about our days as spooks,” he tells

Did he worry that Spooks: The Greater Good wouldn’t be able to compete with mega-budget Hollywood blockbusters like James Bond or Bourne?

“No, because we weren’t trying to compete. Both of those examples are really quite fantastical. Bond definitely has both feet firmly planted in fantasy. Bourne maybe has one toe in reality. Whereas with Spooks we aimed specifically: one foot in reality, one foot in fantasy…”

However, he did have “grave doubts” about a distressing episode involving Lara Pulver, another alumnus of the TV series and probably best known for playing scantily clad dominatrix Irene Adler in Sherlock – as he explains below. also asked whether he’s ever been approached by a real MI5 agent and received an enigmatic reply…

(This interrogator’s skills clearly cannot compete with those of MI5.)

Spooks: The Greater Good is released in UK cinemas on Friday 8th May

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