Hollyoaks fans given diary clues to unmask the Gloved Hand Killer

Viewers will get the chance to become amateur sleuths and stay one step ahead of the police


Hollyoaks fans will be given the opportunity to turn detective after the Gloved Hand Killer claims a third victim.


In the week commencing Monday 11 May, the gloved hand will strike again but – by Wednesday – a brown leather diary found at the scene will have found its way into the real world.

The pages from the diary look set to spark a murder hunt as viewers will then be able to track those vital entries down online and in print media.

The diary will contain an insight into the identity of the killer and cryptic clues. Solve all the clues and the answers will spell out the name of the next victim.

A Hollyoaks spokesperson said: “Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there are few loose pages in the gloved hand diary, which fall out on their way to the police station. These pages hold clues to the identity of the owner and also to whom they will target next. 

“The fans that solve the mystery will be ahead of not just the police but the whole village who are not yet aware that there is a killer in their midst. The police will discover who owns the diary later that week but viewers will have to tune in to find out what happens next…”


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