Fifty Shades of Grey is “lazy” and “about as a sexy as rabies” according to (really) Honest Trailer

EL James's steamy story (read: "ridiculous fantasy") has the honour of being Screen Junkies' 100th satirical video

EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey (aka Snowqueen’s Icedragon’s Twilight fan fiction) has been given the Honest Trailer treatment. And not just any treatment. The saucy story has the honour of being Screen Junkies’ 100th satirical mash-up. 


If anything, we are surprised it’s taken them this long. Fifty Shades – the film in which “the ridiculous fantasy of dating a vampire is cast aside for the ridiculous fantasy of being a gorgeous billionaire’s pampered sex slave” – is overripe for a little mocking. 

According to its Honest Trailer, the movie (now known as Fifty Shades of Greaaat, There’s Gunna Be Two More of These) isn’t so much a record of Grey and Steele’s x-rated bedroom exploits, as scenes and scenes of a “cutesy nondescript virgin” and “mysterious Christian Edward Cullen Grey” dealing with “emails, texting, contracts, contract negotiations, non-disclosure agreements, conditions [and] clauses.”

The best part is the aptly re-written Beyonce lyrics. All together now: 

“This movie’s written so lazy right now, the book that it was based on so lazy right now. I wish somebody would taze me right now, this story’s about as a sexy as rabies right now…


“Uh oh, uh oh, just go and watch a porno.” 

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