Tom Baker back as the Doctor on Radio 4 Extra

The Doctor Who veteran time travels again in six audio dramas that will air later this month

34 years after Tom Baker hung up his frockcoat, hat and stripy scarf, he’s back on the BBC as the Time Lord.


This time around, however, the fourth Doctor will have no need of accessories as he’ll only be heard. Baker has lent his voice to six stories that will air on Radio 4 Extra and promise to transport viewers back to 1970s Doctor Who.

The six episodes were recorded as audiobooks in 2012 by Big Finish Productions. It was the first time Baker had reprised his iconic role since stepping down as the longest-serving Time Lord in 1981.

The first instalment will be heard in a fortnight on 16th May, and sees the Doctor and Leela (played by Tenko’s Louise Jameson) respond to an alien distress call beamed from Victorian England. Their adventure takes them to the newly built Space Dock Nerva, where they discover the human race is in grave danger.

Nerva first appeared in the 1975 television episode Ark In Space, which inspired Nicholas Briggs, the writer and director of this episode. 

In subsequent episodes the Tardis will go to a museum of everything, back to Roman times to meet Celtic queen Boudicca, and to a futuristic London in the midst of energy crisis. Listeners are also promised “a showdown with some old enemies”.

Doctor Who: Destination Nevra will be broadcast on Saturday 16th May at 6pm on Radio 4 Extra

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