Bank holiday weekend: best TV on today 2 May

Britain's Got Talent, Casualty, Atlantis and Happy Valley are among our top picks for today

Pointless Celebrities, 6:55pm on BBC1

This week’s contestants are all presenters of “outdoorsy” TV programmes. “Literally a breath of fresh air!” exclaims Alexander Armstrong as he surveys the likes of Helen Skelton, Diarmuid Gavin, Miranda Krestovnikoff and John Craven. They’re not exactly evenly matched in the early stages – in the first round one pair scores 100, while another scores just a single point. There’s a round about famous rabbits and one about camping equipment, while Bill Oddie looks completely blank when asked about the Kardashians. Jane Rackham


Atlantis, 7:45pm on BBC1

By gum, this series has gone moody, like Zeus with a headache. The knowledge that Pasiphae is his mother has certainly blackened Jason’s heart – we get that – but some will judge that early on in this episode, Atlantis crosses a line. It’s a brave decision by the writers but let’s just say your sympathy for the hero will be severely challenged. As loyal Pythagoras says, “I fear for him; I fear for all of us.” However, the timid mathematician is not about to give up on his friend, and breaks back into the city in search of a solution… It’s a sombre outing, but great to have Robert Lindsay’s twinkly Daedalus back – plus another old ally – and next week that character changes everything.” Mark Braxton. 

Britain’s Got Talent, 8:00pm on ITV

Maybe this should be called “Britain’s Got Tall Poppy Syndrome” because boy, do we love moaning about the acts, especially their eligibility to take part. One of the first to come under fire was the brilliant dance troupe that had previously competed in another channel’s dance show. So what, quite frankly? There was the 12-year-old singer/songwriter whose cute performance viewers suspected was faked because the clamp on the fret of his guitar suddenly moved. In fact, he’d moved it off camera. And the astounding magician whose performance at an event attended by Simon Cowell (although he never met him) prompted allegations of a fix. So good luck to tonight’s better performers because they’ll doubtless get a battering on Twitter tomorrow. Jane Rackham

Casualty, 9:20pm on BBC1

Connie faces a murder charge and she’s in the dock for her remand hearing. But she still doesn’t get the message: “I will personally sort this out and have a resolution by the end of the day,” she tells the nonplussed magistrate. Connie, Connie, Connie, if only it were that simple. The episode quickly slides into Within These Walls Prisoner: Cell Block H territory as Connie (Amanda Mealing) has to surrender her high heels (oh, the inhumanity) in exchange for her ver own roll of toilet paper. back the hospital, Saint Rita, the architect of Connie’s downfall, looks a bit pinched and worried because Charlie is onto her, and he confronts Rita while talking to the air above her head. But by the end, Charlie has much more on his mind than a boss accused of murder when he gets a shocking phone call… Alison Graham


Happy Valley 10:10pm on BBC3 (rpt)

Happy Valley, repeated here, is even more shocking the second time around. Today it takes a grim turn as a tragedy plays out in the dark folds of those picturesque moors. It leaves copper Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) bereft and preoccupied with guilt – could she have done something? Who knows, but she has to don her police officer’s mask as she and her colleagues begin a painful investigation. Meanwhile, put-upon clerk Kevin Weatherill (Steve Pemberton) realises that his plan has run away from his grasp; the sound of failure is cacophonous. Alison Graham