The Big Bang Theory pays touching tribute to Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy

The late actor and his Star Trek character Mr Spock are regularly referenced in the hit comedy series

The Big Bang Theory will pay homage to Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy tonight.


The actor, who passed away aged 83 on February 27th, is often referenced in the US sitcom and his Star Trek character Mr Spock is revered by the characters Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raaj.

So it’s no surprise that creator Chuck Lorre has used the show’s vanity card – the still at the end of the credits that usually features the producer’s details – to pay tribute to Nimoy and his legacy.

Lorre keeps his eulogy short but moving: “The impact you had on our show and on our lives is everlasting”, it reads.

Nimoy made a memorable cameo on The Big Bang Theory back in 2012, lending his voice to an episode during which Sheldon battled his desires to play with a Mr Spock doll.

We’re sure his influence on The Big Bang Theory, much like Mr Spock, will live long and prosper.

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