Netflix is cooking up Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

The streaming service has ordered a 13-episode animation of the iconic children's book, to be produced by Ellen DeGeneres

Netflix really hopes you like green eggs and ham after all, because they’re being served up in a Netflix adaptation of Dr Seuss’ famous creation.


The 13-part animation will be written by Jared Stern, the man behind Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph, with Ellen DeGeneres serving as one of the executive producers. 

Based on the bestselling 1960 book, the series will follow inventor Guy and friend Sam-I-Am as they travel on a voyage across the country that “tests the limits of their friendship.” As in the original story, Sam-I-Am tries to encourage his pal to eat those eggs and ham in all sorts of locations. In a box, with a fox… 

Production on the series begins in May and, according to Deadline, it’s expected to be “the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television.”

The new series was announced by DeGeneres at the end of the recording for today’s episode of her talk show where she added that Green Eggs and Ham was “gonna combine two of my favourite things – Dr. Seuss and binge watching.” 

More plot details are yet to be released but we suspect (*SPOILER ALERT*) that in the end, Sam-I-Am may eventually try the unappetising meal.


Fans of the iconic story will be able to see the animation in 2018, by which time those eggs could turn a whole different colour…