Meet the a capella groups from around the world singing in Pitch Perfect 2

The sequel to the hit US musical will feature hand-picked acts with serious sass...

Pitch Perfect 2 is taking us to the World Championships and that called for a brand new batch of show-stopping a cappella groups. Original stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp are returning as the Barden Bellas, whose journey to the stage is, as ever, far from simple.


Director Elizabeth Banks explains that her first task was casting real-life a cappella groups who sang in different languages. Enter the Filharmonics who sing in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Banks and vocal producer Deke Sharon knew the group from NBC’s reality show The Sing-Off and were keen to add them to a jam-packed finale.

“It’s crazy to be here, it’s a wild ride,” said the group during filming. Or to put it in more Pitch Perfect terms, it’s aca-epic…

See them in action:


Pitch Perfect 2 is in UK cinemas on 15th May