Neighbours spoilers: Imogen and Tyler kiss, while Paul collapses

4-8 May: Plus Bailey lashes out at Lou. And Naomi breaks up with a stunned Brennan


Monday 4 May


Daniel accidentally reveals Amberʼs pregnancy to Josh, who immediately realises that the timing means that he could be the father. Tyler is blown away when Imogen organises their first date and it turns out to be a paint-balling excursion. Toadie is despondent after hearing Paulʼs cancer news, so Karl tries to cheer him up by taking him on an impromptu adventure, but all does not go to plan. 

Tuesday 5 May

Bailey goes on a drinking binge and, as a practical joke, uses Mattʼs police badge to impersonate an officer. When Lou finds out and confronts him, Bailey reacts in a shocking way. Imogen backs off from Tyler when things get hot and heavy, but Paige encourages her to embrace her spontaneous side. Amber finds it hard to deal with her guilt when Daniel throws himself into the role of being a dad. 

Wednesday 6 May

Bailey remains defiant about his bad behaviour and Lauren tells Brennan to charge him for his misdemeanour. Meanwhile, Terese struggles to accept Bradʼs newfound involvement in Laurenʼs family affairs. Naomi finally loses her patience with Brennan and decides that she is with the wrong man, leaving him stunned. With the help of the other neighbours, Toadie organises a show of support for Paul. 

Thursday 7 May

Tyler insists that a night out is just what Brennan needs after being dumped. Sheila pushes Naomi for the real reason that she ended things and is shocked when she admits to having feelings for Paul. Josh lends Danni a sympathetic ear after seeing her getting harassed. Karl is surprised when Nick rejects his proposal to have his colleagues help treat Paul, but when Paul collapses at The Waterhole, is the game finally up? 

Friday 8 May


Karl is suspicious of Nickʼs bizarre actions and starts to investigate. Anticipating that he is about to be found out, however, Nick announces that he has cured Paul of his leukaemia. Nate is worried that attending a remembrance service will trigger his PTSD, but with Susanʼs help he faces his fear. Brennan questions Naomi about her feelings for Paul but she sidesteps them, leaving him more confused than ever.