Hold on, did Jess cheat on Andy with Jamie on Made in Chelsea?

Could this fledgling MIC romance be over before it's even begun?


Ain’t it always the way on Made in Chelsea. Just when you’re beginning to warm to a brand new couple, one of them goes and does something naughty. 


Much of tonight’s episode focused on the fledgling romance between Andy Jordan and new girl Jess Woodley who went on a second date with her ex Alex Mytton and his new girlfriend Nicola. Only in Chelsea, eh? But rather than implode before our eyes, Jess and Andy seemed to thrive on the (frankly weird) setting – was Andy about to finally get lucky with his new crush?

It was certainly Mr Jordan’s week for attracting the attention of the ladies after catching the eye of Binky’s “hot” friend Fleur earlier in the episode. Now, Fleur is one of Jess’s best pals, not that a little thing like friendship stopped her from texting Andy while he was on his double date. Eagle-eyed Jess caught him in the act and didn’t look best pleased about this latest development. “I think this is going to work in your favour, Andy,” joked Alex… and he was right.

With Mytton and his girlfriend safely bundled into a taxi, Andy stole his moment and shared a smooch with his lady friend. “I never do that on a second date,” she blushed. Is there a third date, he queried. “Maybe…” came the answer.

Fast-forward to the next day and Jess and her friend Millie were joined by Fleur. Awkward? Chelsea? Never!

Jess took the opportunity to recount the night before and her reaction to Fleur’s text – “I was like, ‘woah, he’s not as safe as I thought'” – before adding details of her jealousy-fuelled snog. “Typical Jessica,” sighed Fleur.

But later, at Rosie’s gallery viewing, it looked like indecisive Jess might have finally made up her mind, especially once she saw her new beau chatting away to flirty Fleur.

“I’ve been giving you a lot of mixed signals,” Jess told Andy. “It’s not because I’m not interested. I am interested. I don’t want you to give up because I know we get on really well and I like spending time with you.” 

Happily ever after, right? Wrong… 

“I’m not giving up,” replied Andy, “but I also can’t stand here and pretend I wasn’t flirting with Fleur when she came over because I actually said, ‘yes, we should hang out.'” Oh, Andy. So close.

“You go on your date with Fleur and it’s cool. She’s a cool girl,” came the reply from Jess. Translation: Please don’t. How dare she. 

However, it looks like Andy might be well advised to continue playing the field if the trail for next week’s episode is anything to go by. While he’s seen telling Binky “I’m ready to have a girlfriend” – bless – she replies, “I wouldn’t trust [Jess]”.

And, as if by magic, the clip then switches to a guilty-looking Jess telling fellow newbie Emily she’d got a text the night before from Jamie Laing saying “come out, we’re all out”. Remember when he was trying to steal her from Andy in Barbados? Yeah, he hasn’t stopped. “Oh god, where is this going?” asks Emily to which Jess simply sighs. A sigh that speaks volumes. Oh dear, oh dear… 

Made in Chelsea continues Monday at 9pm on E4

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