Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson’s relationship hits the rocks on Made in Chelsea

Uh-oh, there's trouble in paradise for this once-happy couple...


Another week, another round of drama for the Made in Chelsea clan. Storms were gathering from the opening moments of tonight’s episode as Louise set out the agenda during a coffee with her gal pals who hadn’t seen her in a good long while.


“I’m under lock and key,” she joked. “No, we’ve got to the stage where we don’t even have sex that much any more.” In Chelsea land, those are ominous words – was this the death knell for her and Alik’s relationship?

It certainly looked that way as Louise was later seen bemoaning her fella after a cycling class with Rosie and Steph. “Things with Alik haven’t been great at the moment,” she told them. “I find him quite lazy and I find myself being really unkind to him and I hate myself for it and feel really guilty.” Rosie chimed in – sharp-tongued as usual – with the onerous warning that laziness is “unattractive”. 

Meanwhile a visit to Alik and Proudlock’s pad showed us the usually cheery yank curled up on the sofa, just to prove he’s Not Been Up to Much.

An all-too-brief wine-tasting interlude to “get Alik out of the house” soon followed, after which Louise laid into her other half once again, telling her friends: “He’s not very enthusiastic about anything at the moment… I just don’t find it as attractive.” 

So, when she paid another visit to her fella’s pad and found him parked on the sofa again, it looked like the writing might be on the wall for this once-merry couple. In true Chelsea style, Louise just had to say something… 

“This is really hard. I feel things in our relationship haven’t been great and I want to get to the bottom of it. I feel you’ve maybe become a bit complacent and that’s not very attractive for me.” 

How did it go down? In a word: badly. “I’m bored as s**t and I need to figure out what to do with myself,” said Alik. “The things I was doing in New York, I can’t do here.” [Quite why he’s “bored as s**t” remains a mystery to us. Visa issues, perhaps? An existential crisis provoked by constant chatter about manicures and blow-dries?]

But he soon turned on the defensive, telling his girlfriend, “It also has to do with you. I change this thing – I have a routine all of a sudden – and I still think you’re going to act the same way. It’s not fair you built this up in your head as me not doing enough.” 

“It’s changing my opinion of you,” was his tearful girlfriend’s only response, before the pair proceeded to gaze gloomily at one another for a very long and awkward ten seconds. 

And based on the promo for next week’s episode, there’s still trouble in paradise. “One second she’s completely great, the next second she’s like, blow up, this is my side of the bed,” Alik tells the boys to which Andy bites his lip. He knows

Will the Made in Chelsea relationship curse strike once again? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays at 9pm on E4

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