14,000 fans petition Shonda Rhimes to undo Grey’s Anatomy shocker – “Why Shonda, Why?”

Viewers upset by the long-running US show's recent plot twist are calling on the creator to re-write the episode as a dream or hallucination



After last week’s shocking turn of events left viewers apparently unable to sleep or eat, thousands of Grey’s Anatomy fans have signed a petition calling for the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes to re-write the event as a dream or hallucination.

The episode in question saw Rhimes kill off beloved, original cast member Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey), and will be shown in the UK on Wednesday 6th May.

One especially ardent fan was quick to set up the petition on Change.org, and so far over 14,500 others have added their signatures over the weekend. 

“You cannot have people invest a DECADE into a character and then you just terminate them like that!” wrote the petition’s creator Courtney Williams, who questions how Rhimes can sleep at night.

“You’ve destroyed us. COMPLETELYWhy would you do us like this? Dedicated and die-hard fans! We DO NOT deserve this!”

It’s like you’ve killed the President of Grey’s Anatomy! The Fans are ready to serve you papers and charge you with the Patriot Act! You HAVE TO BRING DEREK BACK! NOW! IMMEDIATELY!” Williams continues, adding her suggestion for how Rhimes can undo the upsetting plot twist: “I think that with all the brilliant ideas and writers that you have, that you make this episode a DREAMT one.  A hallucination.”

Sadly for Williams and the thousands of distraught fans who agree with her, this is unlikely to happen.

 “The fans care deeply. I think Shonda cares deeply about the fans and how they will react. Shepherd is a beloved character. People don’t want to lose him. He’s been in their lives for over 10 years,”  Dempsey told Entertainment Weekly after his shock departure, adding: “Everything has a beginning, middle and an end.”


The episode is set to air in the UK on Wednesday 6th May on Sky Atlantic

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