8 things we didn’t really learn from Chris Pratt’s Reddit AMA

He's a funny guy and you should read this


Chris Pratt is the nerd version of the ugly duckling: the schlubby, funny guy in Parks & Recreation who turned into the ultra-buff, funny guy in Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Jurassic World.


He got “half-drunk” on a liquid diet of tequila and answered some questions for Reddit users. This is what we learned. Sort of.

1. Chris Pratt predicted he was going to get Jurassic Park

Behind the scenes on Parks & Recreation, Pratt joked about getting an auspicious call from Steven Spielberg…

“I never believed I would work with Steven Spielberg on a Jurassic Park sequel,” he explained. “It was a joke at the time both literally and figuratively.”

2. Chris Pratt gave Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn his second favourite dinosaur

His first favourite is the velociraptor, obviously…

… but he also has love for the aquatic Mosasaur, seen eating a shark in the Jurassic World trailers.

“I love the Mosasaur. That’s the water dinosaur thing from the trailer that is SO F***ING BADASS” he enthused. Cue more eerie predictions: 

“Funny story, before I got Jurassic Park I gave James Gunn a wrap gift of an authentic Mosasaur Jawbone Fossil. So basically I can control the future.”

3. Chris Pratt will do anything for his fans. Literally anything. Especially sex stuff.

I have very few haters (not to brag) and that is nice because I am a people pleaser and I will do anything to make you like me. Absolutely anything. I mean it. I’ll tell you to hit me up with all your strange sexual and non-sexual requests… wait, no… I’m hearing this is over now.”

4. Chris Pratt hates mice

Turns out someone on Reddit lives in Chris Pratt’s old house, which had something of a mouse problem back in the day. Or maybe Pratt was the one with the problem.

5. Nick Offerman sends Chris Pratt dirty pictures

Pratt and his former Rec co-star Nick Offerman love each other very much. It’s a special kind of love.


6. Andy Dwyer is flying high

What would Pratt’s character Andy Dwyer be doing now that Parks and Recreation is over? The same thing he did every night…

7. Chris Pratt goes gushy when he talks about wife Anna Faris

Chris Pratt’s favourite movie is…?