Who could Sam Claflin play in Star Wars: Rogue One?

The Hunger Games star is rumoured to be in talks for the Star Wars film, which also stars Felicity Jones


It’s been just over a week since Star Wars fans basked in the glow of the second teaser for The Force Awakens and the rumour mill for spin-off flick Rogue One – due for release in December 2016 – is already churning.


British Hunger Games star Sam Claflin is the latest name being touted for a big role in the film, which stars Theory of Everything Oscar nominee Felicity Jones. Or Ethel Hallow from the Worst Witch, as we like to remember her.

The Wrap reports both Claflin and Riz Ahmed (he of Four Lions and Nightcrawler fame) are in discussions with Disney about roles in the film, but there’s been no official confirmation from the studio just yet.

Set before Episode V: A New Hope, Rogue One is the first of several Star Wars anthology films that will tell different tales from the Star Wars universe.

Disney aims to put the ‘wars’ in Star Wars with this movie, following the trials and tribulations of rebel soldiers as they attempt to steal the plans for the Empire’s Death Star. Those very same plans are the ones Princess Leia hides in R2-D2 before he crash lands on Tatooine and, well, you know how that story goes.

Claflin’s been steadily building his strong “handsome hero” CV, having popped up as a merciful missionary in Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, played a prince in Snow White and The Huntsman, and flicked his hair back and forth as Finnick Odair alongside Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.

That considered, could he play a similar role in Rogue One? He’d certainly make a convincing “Sam Solo” type. Or perhaps he could swap his Hunger Games trident for a lightsaber and become Qui-Gon-Claflin?

Then again, he could play a villain, or even one of the doomed citizens of Alderaan. We wouldn’t put it past him to get seriously lippy with some Stormtroopers or duel with Darth Vader.

One thing’s for certain: if Claflin and Ahmed do join Jones and head for the galaxy far, far away, Rogue One might as well be re-named The British Strike Back.

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