Doctor Who video update suggests Maisie Williams story will feature the new series 9 monster

Producer Derek Ritchie gives a brief update from the Welsh countryside


Doctor Who fans get a short but sweet glimpse behind the scenes of the upcoming ninth series in a new video update from the show’s producer Derek Ritchie, who’s just finished shooting on location in Wales.


The footage, filmed earlier this month, sees Ritchie revealing they’ve just wrapped episode six, The Woman Who Lived, which features a guest role for Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

“We’re shooting some very big scenes with some very big characters the likes of which we’ve rarely seen before,” explains Ritchie in the short clip. Could he mean the mysterious monster we got a sneak peek at earlier this week? It was referred to in the blurb that accompanied the picture as a “Block 3 monster” and The Woman Who Lived is the concluding episode of the third of three two-part stories – or “blocks”, as Ritchie calls them here.

Showrunner Steven Moffat is overseeing a shift towards two-parters this series, telling at this year’s Bafta Nominations party “That 45-and-out rhythm has served us incredibly well for ten years, but there is a slight sense sometimes – about 35 minutes into the episode, you expect the hero music.”

“They’re not all two-parters – sometimes they’re just linked episodes. It’s just making you slightly unsure you’ll get through the story by the time the music comes up. We’ve all got to be on our toes, can’t be relaxed.”

Watch the video below


Doctor Who returns this autumn on BBC1