Bloodshot and Harbinger comics are coming to the big screen

Valiant Comics are latest superhero stories to be turned into films, as Sony Pictures signs a five-picture deal


If you thought cinema had tapped all potential superhero sources, you were sorely mistaken. 


We might have countless comic book adaptations waiting in the wings for their big screen release – and plenty more in the pipeline – but it seems there are always more sci-fi stories to be found. 

The latest comic book tales set to get the film treatment are the Bloodshot and Harbinger series, from comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment, which have recently become part of a five-picture deal with Sony Pictures.

Bloodshot and Harbinger will be turned into two feature films each, before a fifth movie, Harbinger Wars, brings both series together, reveals The Hollywood Reporter

Bloodshot follows a former soldier with superhuman strength, and the ability to heal and shape shift. With his memories missing, Bloodshot is on a mission to find out who he really is – and who is responsible for his new powers. While Harbinger is about a band of teenage outcasts with super powers, known as the Harbingers. 


The first film, pencilled in for released in 2017, will be a Bloodshot movie, directed by John Wick’s David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, and adapted by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer. 

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