Sue Perkins to explore the Himalayas in follow up to Mekong River

The Great British Bake Off presenter will trek the Nepalese mountain range in a follow-up to her 2014 BBC2 travel series


Sue Perkins will be returning to BBC2 for a new show – but it’s not Top Gear.


The Great British Bake Off presenter told her social media followers that she would be “off Twitter for a bit” after speculation that she was set to replace Jeremy Clarkson resulted in vile online abuse.

But Perkins won’t be off BBC2, with the channel announcing on Tuesday that she would present a follow-up to her successful travel series The Mekong River with Sue Perkins.

Himalaya with Sue Perkins will explore the highest mountain range on Earth, from its “soaring peaks” to “lush foothills”.

Perkins’s previous four-part series in November 2014 on the Mekong River followed Bake Off’s most successful run to date on BBC1.


She wrote in Radio Times at the time about her new-found love for travel, saying “Nothing makes me happier than being thrown in at the deep end, and nothing excites me more than a journey where the destination is organic and unfixed. It turns out that what I’d been looking for all these years wasn’t a break, but an adventure.”