BBC organises the stag do from hell in new comic thriller set in the Scottish Highlands

Stag casts Peep Show’s Jim Howick as a meek schoolteacher taken on the worst weekend of his life…

BBC2 is aiming to mine comedy gold from a ghastly stag do in a new three-part series.


Co-written, produced and directed by The Wrong Mans helmsman Jim Field Smith, Stag sees Jim Howick (who played ill-fated Peep Show character Gerard, pictured) struggling to survive “the Stag weekend from hell”.

The mayhem is led by his future brother-in-law, played by Stephen Campbell Moore (Our Zoo, Ashes to Ashes, The Wrong Mans) who leads several obnoxious friends on a deer-stalking expedition in the Scottish Highlands where things quickly turn unpleasant.

Or as the BBC put it in a statement: “The hunters become the hunted, sordid secrets emerge, and old friendships are tested to the limit.”


The three-part series is expected to air in the autumn