Neighbours spoilers: Naomi kisses Paul, plus Amber admits to Paige that Josh may be her baby’s dad

27 April-1 May: Georgia pulls out all the stops to expose Nick. Brennan seeks Laurenʼs support to take down the crooked Dimato

Monday 27 April


Paige is shocked when Amber reveals that she slept with Josh on her wedding night, but advises her to wait until she can do a paternity test before telling anybody else. Struggling after Mattʼs death, Bailey hits the bottle again and is caught by Susan getting up to no good. Karl loses his patience with Lou and removes him from the cycle group, but after some soul- searching they come to an agreement which will allow Lou to take part and not hold them up. 

Tuesday 28 April

As Paul faces up to a lifetime of regret, Naomi is moved by his vulnerability and kisses him. When Brad promises to help to support Lauren and her children, Terese has to work hard to stay positive about their growing closeness while keeping a watchful eye on her husband. After an unexpected rendezvous at the Eden Hills University Law Society, Imogen and Tyler are keen to build on their friendship and a game of strip poker ensues. 

Wednesday 29 April

Georgia is furious when her hearing is postponed because of the fuss surrounding the cancer research centre and sets out to expose Nick once and for all. After kissing Paul, Naomi tries to emotionally connect with Brennan but he misunderstands and worries that she is trying to tell him that she loves him. Imogen is holding back over Tyler but Nick advises her to loosen up and have fun. 

Thursday 30 April

Georgia is arrested when Nick finds her in his room, but palms Kyle a USB stick containing Nickʼs personal information, which she hopes will exonerate her. When Sue starts to suspect that Paul is ill, he arranges a press conference to announce that he has been diagnosed with leukaemia. Brennan approaches Lauren to ask for her permission to expose Mattʼs corruption in an effort to put Dimato behind bars. 

Friday 1 May


Amber struggles over whether or not to tell Daniel that she is pregnant. When Sheila, Kyle and Georgia visit Paul to give him their best wishes, he asks Georgia to end her vendetta against Nick. Naomi shuns Brennan after a hectic day, but is happy to keep Paul company over dinner. Is she taking her role as his carer too far? Bailey vents his fury at Brennan over the news that his father was lying to the family.