Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien on Sarah’s job in the Rovers – “I’m rubbish behind the bar”

The actress also reveals that David is set to abscond after finding out about Sarah and Callum's relationship

Sarah-Louise Platt is to land herself a job at the Rovers Return next week, but actress Tina O’Brien doesn’t have high hopes on her becoming a capable barmaid.


“I love being in the Rovers, but I’m really rubbish. I’m so noisy when I’m picking up pint pots and the till doesn’t work for me,” she says. “Maybe they’ll have to make Sarah a bit rubbish as a barmaid!”

Sarah’s first week in her new role is certainly not without its share of drama, as the Rovers’ latest employee starts to mix business with pleasure. After taking time out to share a quick kiss with Callum (Sean Ward) in the backyard of the pub, Sarah ends up getting caught in the act by Nick (Ben Price).

And with Nick adamant that David should know about what’s been going on behind his back, Sarah is forced into revealing all about her illicit relationship.

“Sarah’s really gutted because she wanted to do the right thing and tell David in her own time,” continues O’Brien. “She’s messed it up and she knows she’s gone about it all the wrong way. She does get cross with Nick for forcing her hand because it’s early days for her and Callum and she doesn’t want to label it as something before it’s even taken off. To have to say they’re seeing each other before they even know where it’s going is quite hard.”

And how does David react when he’s put in the picture? “Well, Sarah does try to explain things, but David is so gutted that she’s seeing Callum. He sees it as a betrayal – out of all the people she could have gone with, why did it have to be him?”

With Callum stealthily insinuating himself at the Platts’, an ever-more fearful David will then decide to abscond with the kids in a desperate bid to keep custody of Max. So does Sarah feel guilty at having let Callum get increasingly close to her loved ones?

“Yes, she does feel guilty. But, having said that, she will keep seeing Callum,” adds O’Brien. “She’s in a lust bubble and she’s definitely smitten with him. She doesn’t realise quite how bad he is. Or at least she’s completely blind to it. David has said to Sarah that Callum is really bad, but she just brushes it off and thinks, ‘how bad can he be?’ You’d think she’d be older and wiser this time around!”

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