Why Alan Rickman has NOT listened to those Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston impersonations

The Harry Potter actor and director of A Little Chaos on being memed and why the internet is "awfully dangerous"

Two weeks into directing A Little Chaos, Alan Rickman was privy to some good but unexpected news: his star Kate Winslet announced she was pregnant – something of a predicament given that she’s in almost every single scene.


“Once I’d scraped myself off the floor when she told me, I accommodated it by crossing my fingers with both hands,” he tells us.

“Thank god for corsets!”

While much of his work on A Little Chaos was behind the camera, Rickman is arguably best known for his deep, distinctive voice. His velvet tones have made their impact across the film industry over the last 35 years, from Die Hard’s Hans Gruber to Harry Potter’s Professor Snape. So, naturally he’s become a target for impersonators – and not just any old impersonators: Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, no less, whose impressions of the actor have both become YouTube hits

But has Rickman listened to them? No, he has not. And – by the sounds of it – he’s not particularly impressed… 

Nor is the 69-year-old actor a fan of social media. “I don’t do any of those things beginning with ‘T’ on the internet, I don’t do the word beginning with ‘F’ so it’s like a closed book to me which is probably stupid.

“The trouble with the internet for me is that people seem to think they can go to it for the truth. That’s awfully dangerous.” 


A Little Chaos is out in UK cinemas now