Jeremy Kyle to host Embarrassing Bodies-style ITV series tackling medical complaints and STIs

We wonder how his bedside manner will be..?


Viewers of The Jeremy Kyle show are used to guests sharing the most intimate details of their love lives, but the host’s new ITV series will go one step further, asking them to discuss their medical complaints.


Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room has shades of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and will see Kyle working alongside doctors and nurses to tackle issues ranging from skin ailments to sexually transmitted infections, understands. 

The show is currently seeking people 16 years and over who would like help with their health concerns, and is set for an afternoon slot, suggesting Kyle will continue filming The Jeremy Kyle Show, where he’s spent ten years using lie detectors and DNA test to help resolve guests’ relationship problems.


Whether the notoriously hard-nosed host will adapt his bedside manner for his new series remains to be seen…