It’s time to turn your phone into a Game Boy

What started out as an April's Fool joke is now set to become a rather special add on for Apple and Android phones


If you were a big fan of the Nintendo Game Boy you’ll be delighted to hear that you’ll soon be able to make your phone look and work just like one.


LA-based independent video game hardware developer Hyperkin set gaming and gadget fans’ pulses racing on April Fools Day when they released images of a new device that could turn an iPhone 6 plus into a handheld gaming device that would be compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Colour cartridges.

There was widespread excitement online when Hyperkin confirmed that though it had started out as an April Fool’s joke, they were actually intending to develop the device based on the feedback. 

“We wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices,” said Hyperkin’s product developer, Chris Gallizzi in an official press release at the time.

And now they’ve confirmed that the Smart Boy (which will be activated by an app exclusive to the device itself) will also be developed for Android phones too. 

The concept art for the new device was released on Hyperkin’s official Facebook page and gives us an idea of how it might look and function with your phone.

Don’t go getting too excited just yet: the Smart Boy concept is very much still in its infancy, but they have confirmed that it will “feature an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself providing 5 hours of gameplay.”


Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long before it’s game on.

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