David Tennant regenerates into Peter Capaldi… in Broadchurch

Watch ITV satire Newzoids mash up Doctor Who and Broadchurch


By now you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of crossover between Broadchurch and Doctor Who, but nobody expected Peter Capaldi to appear in the ITV crime drama as well.


But now we know: David Tennant will regenerate into Peter Capaldi in Broadchurch series three – at least, according to ITV sketch show Newzoids.

The new puppet satire shows DS Ellie Miller coming looking for DI Hardy, only to find another face inside the blue box (sorry, hut).

“I’ve regenerated haven’t I!” Capaldi exclaims. Uhhh, right, and we suppose the next murder case will involve a dead boy and a creepy-looking statue.

“Isn’t regeneration a bit unlikely?” Miller asks.

“Still makes more sense than series two…” Ouch.


Watch the full clip below, and then head over to our theories about what actually might happen in Broadchurch series three. Newzoids continues next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV