Carey Mulligan’s “disgusting” sheep dip in Far From the Madding Crowd

Mulligan spent a glamorous day "swimming in sheep s**t" while filming her new movie


Ah, the glamour of the movies… Carey Mulligan’s latest film, Far From the Madding Crowd, features a scene in which her character Bathsheba Everdene must wash her flock of sheep in a pond. Not particularly appealing to begin with, but even less so once the sheep start using it as a toilet…


“That was so much fun, although slightly disgusting by the end of the day,” Mulligan told the Mirror at last night’s London premiere of the Thomas Hardy adaptation. “The sheep were doing their business in the water. The boys whinged constantly but they were wearing wetsuits under their costumes – I was wearing no wetsuit, so I was basically swimming in sheep s**t all day, which was a joy.”

Perhaps it’ll overtake that Mr Darcy lake scene in popularity?

The film sees three men – Michael Sheen’s wealthy land owner William Boldwood, Matthias Schoenaerts’s steady shepherd Gabriel Oak and Tom Sturridge’s dashing Sergeant Troy – all vying for Bathsheba’s affections. Well, at least until they find out where she does her bathing…


Far From the Madding Crowd is in cinemas from 1st May