Who could Matt Smith be playing in Terminator Gensys?

Have you cracked what the Doctor Who star's secretive next role will be?

Yesterday we pondered why departed Doctor Who star Matt Smith was being kept out of most of the publicity for franchise reboot Terminator: Genisys – but now RadioTimes.com readers are getting their say.


Whether he’s a younger version of an established character, a new Terminator, just a guy called Tim or a living computer programme you all had plenty of ideas of the mysterious figure Smith plays – so take a look below at some of our favourite theories…

He’s also John Connor

Yes, in this film the leader of the human resistance in the dystopic future is played by Jason Clarke – but could Smith be another version of the character?

Isaac Manning: “Simple, there are 2 John Connors, 2 futures in the wake of this film are formed, the same as the present and one alternative in which Matt smith = John Connor as a “good”.

Or John Connor’s brother/ someone continuing on his work

After all, if John Connor’s turned into an evil part-robot then someone has to carry on the fight…

Patrick Gerard: “Kyle and Sarah realize that John Connor is going to fail. They have a second child, Tim Connor, who must take over the resistance from John Connor.”

KenLoaf Taylor: “What if John is a machine is destroyed and Matt Smith’s Tim sends everything in motion to save Sarah?”

He’s someone else we’ve seen before

Specifically, the guy on the left of this picture from 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Could be!

James Knowlton: “I was under the impression that he was the kid who helped John hack the ATM in Terminator 2, but grown up.”

Peggy A Streeter: “Think T2. Old friend of John’s?”

He’s a living computer programme

Popular one, this – rumours have been circling online for a while that Smith might be playing a physical version of Skynet, the computer programme that gains self-awareness and creates the Terminators in the first place within the mythology of the films.

John Gallagher: “His role in the movie has been kept a secret from the beginning – perhaps he is Skynet incarnate – maybe he is the brains of Skynet – a human interface at the center of it all – whatever he is I hope it was worth the wait to find out.”

Eric Johnson: “Heard the same thing. Matt Smith may be Skynet Incarnate. Looking at the recent trailer, it may be a case of Skynet needing human help to stop a new threat to both: a rogue, nanotech-erized John Connor. Enemy of my enemy is my friend….”

He’s another Terminator

This is something we actually considered before – but could it still be true?

Patrick Gerard: “‘Tim’ could be ‘T1M’… Ie. maybe he’s a Terminator from much further in the future sent back to protect humanity from Skynet by an even more advanced AI.”

And finally – he’s actually still the Doctor

Stranger things have happened, right? Well, maybe about 3.

Burntwood Gorillas: “Perhaps he is the Doctor? That time travel technology had to come from somewhere…”

Steve Pellitier: “Maybe he is going to appear in the Tardis..and tell them all how silly they are and hold skynet off with a jammy dodger self destruct button?”

Admit it – you’d watch the hell out of that scene. But what do you think – have we found the correct theory yet, or are we still barking up the wrong tree? Vote now!


Terminator: Genisys will be released in UK cinemas from the 3rd of July