Home and Away spoilers: Ricky’s visit to see Brax is an ordeal, while Ash avoids Denny

20-24 April: Plus Andy and Hannah take an ill-fated trip out to the Bay. And Matt resolves to set Sasha free

Monday 20 April


Ash feels conflicted following his kiss with Denny as he recalls Braxʼs warning to stay away from his brotherʼs former girlfriend. Kyle tries to change his mind, but he is resolute. Denny, meanwhile, seeks advice from Ricky, but does not get the reaction she had hoped for. Rickyʼs visit to Brax in prison is tense. 

Tuesday 21 April

Ash opens up to Denny about his relationship inexperience but she reassures him they can take things slowly. Ricky cannot hide her fear for Braxʼs life and leaves the prison in tears. Phoebe is haunted by the spectre of her stalker and admits to Kyle that she is scared that he will come back. Kat asks Nate to explain his history with Ricky. She is satisfied with his answer and the pair rekindle their romance. 

Wednesday 22 April

Kat is adamant that her fling with Nate must stay casual, so when Irene, Chris and Marilyn start speculating she calls the whole thing off. Andy takes Hannah out on a sailing trip in the Bay but the boat suddenly capsizes and Hannah is nowhere to be found. Kyle asks Kat to help reassure Phoebe that Ryan is not going to be able to hurt her again. Chris teases Kat about her rumoured romance but she is not impressed and threatens to arrest him for defamation. 

Thursday 23 April

Andy finds Hannah and swims to shore. He is berated for taking her out on the water, but Hannah insists that it was her fault. Despite trying her best to hit the books and take her mind off her break-up with Oscar, Maddy is still reeling and cannot face him and the other kids at school. Hannah encourages Evie and Josh to start cutting Andy some slack and says that they should not judge him based on his old behaviour. Marilyn lets slip to Jett and VJ that Zac and John are trying to train them so hard that they give up. 

Friday 24 April


Zac and John apologise to the boys for leading them on. VJ is infuriated, and when he later gets in the middle of a confrontation between Oscar and Spencer, he punches Oscar. Zac is left with no choice but to suspend him. Matt reluctantly breaks up with Sasha so that she stays on at university. Despite doing his best to protect her from Oscar, Spencer unwittingly humiliates Maddy in front of the whole class upon her return to school.