Coronation Street spoilers: Callum to kidnap David and hold him captive

A kidnapped David pleads to be released - but Callum has revenge on his mind

David Platt is to find himself at the mercy of drug dealer Callum Logan when a plan to set up the Weatherfield bad boy backfires dramatically.


David – who is currently battling for custody of young Max – will aim to land Callum in hot water with the police by planting drugs in his car.

Scenes to be shown on Monday 20 April will see David rope Andy into his scheme after discovering that he has been posing as Gavin Rodwell. When David tells Andy to do as he’s told or he’ll report him to the police, Andy is left with little choice but to slip the stash of drugs into Callum’s glove box.

But when Callum catches Andy in the act, he frogmarches him to the back room of a pub and demands answers. Andy makes out that he was trying to steal the car and that the drugs just fell out of his pocket, but Callum’s having none of it and menacingly threatens Andy.

In the end, David bursts in and admits that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. As an angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson, David does a runner but he’s pounced upon down a darkened street by Callum and Macca, who drag him towards a car.

By Wednesday’s episode, viewers will see a scared David trapped in the boot of Callum’s vehicle and yelling for help. But Callum is insistent that David needs to pay for what he’s done – just what does he have in store?

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