Bettany Hughes on why Sherlock should win at the Bafta TV Awards 2015

"This is British genius at its most gorgeous," says the TV historian

What do you love about watching Sherlock?


It’s a show that tells us all that it’s OK to be smart and different. Apart from the brilliance of the acting and creativity of the production, I loved the multi-possibilities of Sherlock’s death. As a historian, I know this is how the world works up until the moment of being/doing/dying, anything is possible. This is British genius at its most gorgeous.

Who do you watch it with?

I watch it religiously with my two daughters, along with plenty of tea and cake in front of our coal fire. There is no question that Sherlock inspires them to walk through the world with their eyes open – to look out for the “other” side of humanity’s story. This show simply must win the Bafta!


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