The best Game of Thrones theme tune covers

From accordions and bagpipes to cats and goats. Yes, goats...


There’s no denying Game of Thrones has a pretty awesome theme tune. It’s almost impossible to watch the hit HBO drama’s opening credits without humming along or letting out a little song. 


So it’s understandable that these people (and animals) have picked up their musical instruments/creative thinking caps and taken it one step further. 

Thank the old gods and the new that YouTube exists so we can watch…

A shadowy man on an accordion

A serious man on a harmonica 

A guitar rendition

Or some bagpipes. Which is somehow very fitting, even though we’re pretty sure there haven’t been any bagpipes in the show…  

Some trendy chaps on cellos

And this man, who has made a violin orchestra. WITH HIMSELF. 

Think the regular theme tune isn’t current enough? Try this hip hop remix

Or a bit of techno 

These people have eschewed instruments and technology for some old fashioned singing

This lot have even dressed up appropriately 

And this man has used his vocal chords to honour one of the show’s stars. It’s only a little bit creepy

But it’s not just humans. Cats have been getting involved… 

This dog tried to join in, but it’s not quite as good 

The mammals of the world weren’t deterred though. Even goats have been giving it a go 

Game of Thrones continues on Mondays at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic