Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool: what we know so far

Introducing a superhero with a wicked sense of humour and a checkered history on the silver screen...


Recently, Ryan Reynolds tweeted a picture of himself in a rather daring all-in-one red number that has got comics fans everywhere very excited. But why?


Well, this is the latest step in the long road to getting a movie about cult comic character Deadpool made – and now it’s finally happening.

But who is Deadpool, and what can we expect from his film? Wonder no more with our guide to what we know so far about the Merc with a Mouth’s big-screen outing…

Who is Deadpool?

Created in 1991, he’s a superhero and mercenary who spends his time getting into scrapes, fighting evil and really, really annoying the people he meets with his dark and twisted sense of humour.

Crucially, he’s also a character that actor Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of, and he’s been trying to get this particular superhero to the screen for a long time – over 10 years, in fact.

What are his powers?

He has the same healing abilities as Wolverine, but more powerfully – basically he can recover from any injury almost immediately, even growing back limbs.

In the comics, Deadpool got the abilities as a cure for cancer only to react by having horrific scarring all over his body and subsequently lose his mind – though not his skills as a special forces soldier.

Basically Deadpool is extremely unstable, which sort of leads to another power – breaking the fourth wall. You see, Deadpool is aware he’s in a comic and frequently makes reference to it – but everyone else just thinks he’s mad.

Reynolds has promised this meta and offbeat style will also be true of the film – and appears in leaked test footage (scroll down) – with it already noticeable in the inspiration for the character’s costume reveal below…

What’s the plot?

A special forces operative called Wade Wilson is subjected to an experiment that gives him healing powers – but with grisly side effects. Adopting the alter-ego of Deadpool, he’ll now hunt for the men who ruined his life – while cracking a few jokes, of course.

Who else is in it?

Homeland’s Morena Baccarin will play love interest Vanessa, also known as shapeshifting hero Copycat, with Gina Carano portraying super-strong mutant Angel Dust and TJ Miller as Deadpool’s sidekick and friend Weasel.

Game of Thrones’ Ed Skrein is also set to appear as super-strong pain-resistant villain Ajax, who in the comics was a part of the same government programme that gave Deadpool his healing abilities.

Who’s directing it?

Tim Miller, making his feature debut though he’s been Oscar-nominated for short film Gopher Broke, and has created iconic opening sequences for Thor: The Dark World and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as a creative director.

Why haven’t I heard of this character before?

He’s a bit obscure in the mainstream comics world, although he has actually appeared in a film before – and was even played by Reynolds. A version of Wade Wilson appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine alongside Hugh Jackman, though the depiction of the character was widely condemned (as was most of the film) for ignoring the source material.

It’s unclear whether Deadpool will treat the previous movie’s events as canonical or ignore them entirely, but we imagine they’ll at least address them in the script. Meta, remember?

How rude and/or violent will it be?

Well, Deadpool’s comics are known for their humourously graphic depictions of the injuries that befall the titular hero, and apparently the film will be no exception – though Ryan Reynolds first teased irate fans that the film would be PG-13 as an April Fool’s joke:

The thing about chimichangas is a running joke from the comics, incidentally.

What will it look like?


We actually have a pretty good idea – a few months ago test footage leaked of a CGI version of the character (voiced by Reynolds) that Tim Miller created to pitch the film to studio executives. The leaked footage (above) was so popular that it very well may have been what got the film commissioned.

When can I see it?

Not long, relatively speaking – but for the waiting fans, it can’t come soon enough.


Deadpool will be released in the UK from 12th February 2016