Ethan Hawke and January Jones have an almighty row in new clip from Good Kill

The Boyhood and Mad Men actors star in the upcoming film following US air force pilots as they carry out drone strikes on the Middle East


Ethan Hawke’s new film Good Kill sees him play Tom Egan, a frustrated Air Force pilot living out his professional days in a shipping container in the Las Vegas desert where he’s tasked with carrying out remote drone strikes on the Middle East. For a man who thrives on soaring the skies, it’s a grim reality, made grimmer still by the gruesome nature of the work his job requires him to perform. 


But much like American Sniper before it, Good Kill also looks at the soldier back home – battling post traumatic stress disorder and struggling to readjust to a family home after life on the front line. In the case of Tom, it’s his wife, Molly (Mad Men’s January Jones), who must deal with the mental toll caused by his job. Unsurprisingly, it climaxes in an almighty row. The victim? A mirror… and Tom’s fist. Take a look in the clip below (warning: there’s a fair bit of explicit language):


Good Kill is released in UK cinemas on Friday 10th April