Daniel Radcliffe’s Grand Theft Auto role is less exciting than it first sounds

The Harry Potter star is reportedly in talks to play the smash-hit video game's creator, not star of the game itself...


The image of Daniel Radcliffe starring in a film called Grand Theft Auto is an appealing one, I think we can all admit. Just imagine – Harry Potter long forgotten, the former child star casts aside his wand in favour of a glock, his trusty owl Hedwig for a burner cell phone and the Triwizard tournament for an illegal drag race. Accio street cred!


Which is why the truth of the matter – that the film will instead reportedly focus on the violent game’s creator (played by Radcliffe) and the lawyer who tried to get his game banned – leaves us feeling as bereft as when our Hogwarts letter failed to arrive. Ah well.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Radcliffe is in negotiations to star as British Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser, who created the worldwide Grand Theft Auto franchise only to come under repeated attacks from American attorney Jack Thompson who considered the game to glorify violence.

Grand Theft Auto (the title may later change) will be helmed by Misfits and Black Mirror director Owen Harris for BBC films, and is set to start shooting later this month, though reportedly no actor has been cast as Thompson yet.


In other words, there’s still time to lobby furiously online for Alan Rickman to take the role and salvage something of our Harry Potter fantasies. Mischief managed.