Google is working on a new tool to save you from spoilers

A new patented system could leave you free to browse your Facebook and Twitter pages in peace...

There’s nothing worse than missing the odd episode of a TV show and finding the twists and turns pasted all over social media and the internet – but now there may be a solution coming from internet giant Google.


The online search engine has just been awarded a patent (which you can see here) for a new system to prevent you seeing spoilers – even if it’s posted directly on Facebook by some sort of Breaking Bad-ruining psychopath.

Basically, the system would see Google tracking your progress as you watch various TV shows and movies, while simultaneously doing the same for your friends.

If said friends were further ahead in, say, Peppa Pig than you were, any posts they made about the series would be automatically blurred, with a message warning you a spoiler may lie therein (and saving you from getting Daddy Pig’s climactic shoot-out at the end of series two ruined for you).

You can see an impression of what the idea might look like from the patent application above. Notably, it won’t save you if people post pictures with spoilers in them (or just, you know, speak to you in person) – but it’s definitely a start in the battle for keeping your TV unspoiled. If they actually get it working it will be a clear victory for people who want to leave the house occasionally – hurrah!


It will also mean Google knows EXACTLY how much of your time is spent watching and re-watching Doctor Who at 3am – but then again they do already have your complete internet search history so there’s probably very little left to be ashamed of…