Sesame Street parodies Game of Thrones

Welcome to Jesteros and the Game of Chairs...


Following on from their excellent take on House of Cards, Sesame Street has been dabbling in parody again – and this time they’ve picked an even darker show than the Kevin Spacey drama.


You wouldn’t think the kids’ TV classic would be able to spoof Game of Thrones considering all the death, sex and swearing, but they did – in a rather inspired Game of Chairs (or musical chairs to you and me) that featured several of the series’ characters.

It all seems very innocent – though we couldn’t help but notice a reference to Joffrey “choking” in losing the game, Robb Stark’s eagerness to get to a wedding or Ned Stark’s habit of losing his head in dire situations…

As in the real Game of Thrones the competition for the throne was tough – but in the end it was “Grover Bluejoy” who triumphed and was crowned unlikely king of Jesteros.

It was a twist worthy of Game of Thrones author George RR Martin himself – though it became clear none of the felt characters were aware how lucky they were to live in this softer version of the Seven Kingdoms, with Robb Stark remarking: “I can’t think of a more horrible ending than this.”


Oh, my sweet summer child… 

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