Live long and emoticon! The Vulcan salute inspires new emoji

Spock's famous hand gesture – made famous by Leonard Nimoy – is featured in test versions for Apple's latest OS X and iOS operating systems

How Trekkie are you? Enough to say hi and bye to your friends like this?


If so, you’re in luck as the iconic Vulcan hand salute, made famous by Star Trek’s Mr Spock, is being turned into an emoji.

The gesture, which traditionally accompanied Spock’s trademark parting sentiment “Live long and prosper”, is to be included in the test version of Apple’s latest OS X and iOS operating systems.

Last June the new pixillated emotion was given the green light by the Unicode Consortium, the organisation that oversees text coding standards for computer devices, leaving it to software makers to incorporate it into their keyboards. As spotted by Quartz, that’s something that Apple looks to be doing, although they’re yet to confirm that the Vulcan salute will officially appear in their emoji keyboard.

The news comes less than two months after the death of Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, who passed away at the age of 83 after complications from chronic pulmonary disease.

Nimoy is credited with creating the Vulcan salute himself, which he adapted from his own orthodox Jewish faith.

According to a 2000 interview with the Baltimore Sun, “it came from an experience I had as a child with my parents.

“In the blessing, the Kohanim (a high priest of a Hebrew tribe) makes the gesture with both hands, and it struck me as a very magical and mystical moment.

“I taught myself how to do it without even knowing what it meant, and later I inserted it into Star Trek.”

The salute first appeared in the 1967 Star Trek episode ‘Amok Time’.

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