Coronation Street spoilers: David discovers that Gavin Rodwell is dead – will he keep Gail’s secret?

A graveside showdown during next week's episodes sees David find out about his mum's cover-up


Usually, it’s devious David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) who’s responsible for all the plotting in the Platt house. But David is to finally find out that he’s been out-schemed by his own mother!


Scenes to be shown next week will see David discover that Gavin Rodwell – a man who he thought was alive and kicking and working in the Bistro – is actually lying six feet under in the local graveyard.

David makes his shock find after growing increasingly suspicious of mum Gail (Helen Worth), who – he’s told by corner shop worker Sophie – has suddenly become very keen on purchasing flowers.

After deciding to get some answers, David follows Gail after she buys her latest bouquet and ends up tailing her to the cemetery. And just imagine his shock and surprise when he spies her paying her respects to the late Gavin, the very fella who David thinks is currently ingratiating himself with estranged dad Michael (Les Dennis)…

Gail has, of course, been keeping Andy’s (aka Fake Gavin) subterfuge from the rest of the family for fear of what the news will do to the already fragile health of her partner Michael. But how will David react when he finds out that Gail has been responsible for the cover up? Will he blow the secret or collude in the conspiracy? Find out when Coronation Street airs these scenes on Friday 17 April.

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