7 reasons why you should follow Matt Smith’s mum on Twitter

Lynne Smith is friends with Karen Gillan, thinks bow ties are cool and has visited the set of Doctor Who. What's not to love?


There is a Matt Smith-shaped void in the Twittersphere. Unlike his former Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan, the Lost River actor has no presence on social media. It’s a crying shame, in our opinion – think of all the witty Matticisms we could be treated to on a daily basis. 


But in the absence of Matt himself, we’ve looked to the woman responsible for giving us the Eleventh Doctor. Lynne Smith, whose Twitter account should be on every Whovian’s radar. Here’s why… 

1. She’s one proud mama. 

2. She gives us a glimpse into the family photo albums. 

3. She’s pals with K-Gill! 

4. Her fashion sense is every bit as good as her son’s… 

5. She’s totally been on the set of Doctor Who. 

6. She knows a good photo when she sees it. 


7. Without Lynne, how would we ever know that Matt cooks AND cleans?