Home and Away spoilers: Denny makes a move on Ash, while Kyle and Kat track down Phoebe

13-17 April: Plus Josh passes his driving test and takes Evelyn for a drive. And VJ tires of hitting a punch bag and asks permission to spar for real

Monday 13 April


Maddy prepares to return to school but has not told Oscar, who starts to worry that she is getting bored with their relationship. Kat and Nate grow closer as he confides in her about his divorce. Ricky blames Ash for what has happened to Brax and does her best to avoid him. Phoebe wakes up to find herself tied to a chair in Ryanʼs hotel room. 

Tuesday 14 April

Ryan tries to get Phoebe to perform a song for him. Meanwhile, Kat, Kyle and Ash search Phoebeʼs room for clues to her whereabouts and narrow down their hunt to a motel nearby. Andy uses his new found gym training skills to help Hannahʼs recovery. Nate asks Kat out on a date. Oscar realises that he wants to break up with Maddy, but is torn when he sees how much she loves him. 

Wednesday 15 April

Maddy is upset when Oscar tells her that he wants to break up, but she accepts his decision and makes one of her own – she will stay on at school regardless of her illness. Despite working hard at her physiotherapy, Hannah gets frustrated. Andy prohibits all medical talk for a day, and that night Hannah succeeds in lifting her leg by herself. Josh takes Evie for a drive and she tells him that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level right then and there. 

Thursday 16 April

Evie feels rejected when Josh tells her that they should not consummate their relationship in the back of his car, but is overjoyed when he later surprises her by organising a romantic evening at home. VJ is bored of hitting a punch bag in boxing training but John and Zac refuse to let him fight for real. Sasha considers moving to a university close to home so that she can be with Matt. 

Friday 17 April


Zac and John promise VJ and Jett that if they train hard they can box for real, but secretly plan on running them into the ground. Ricky is told that she can visit Brax in prison, but reveals that she is having doubts about their relationship. Concerned that she is about to throw away a great degree course, Matt breaks up with Sasha in order to stop her transferring. After some encouragement from John, Denny decides that it is time to move on with her life and makes a move on Ash.