Easter 2015 quiz: Can you match these famous eggs to their films and TV series?

We've picked out some famous eggs from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park and more – but can you identify them?

Today is Easter Sunday, and across the land merry people are rushing out on egg hunts and feasting on chocolate. 


Still, here at RadioTimes.com we don’t like leaving the house, or sunlight, or the laughter of children so we’ve organized our very own egg hunt that you can do without having to schlep all the way out of the front door – you needn’t even struggle up from your seated position.

All that’s required is a little film and TV knowledge, a pinch of inspiration and an acceptance that you won’t ACTUALLY get any chocolate if you win and then you’re ready to go. So, just ask yourself – which egg appeared in this film or TV show?


Happy hunting!