Hugh Jackman lined up to play Paul the Apostle

The X-Men actor looks set to hang up his Wolverine claws to play Jesus's follower in a brand new biblical epic

Hollywood has got a taste for biblical epics over the past year thanks to Russell Crowe’s controversial portrayal of Noah and Ridley Scott’s big-budget realisation of Moses and Rameses in Exodus: Gods and Kings.


And the trend looks set to continue with news of yet another Bible-inspired project in development featuring X-Men and Les Misérables star Hugh Jackman. According to Deadline, the Australian actor will hang up his Wolverine claws to play the Apostle Paul, the follower of Jesus who spent his early days as a persecutor of Christians before encountering the son of God and changing his outlook.

Paul is most famous for the “road to Damascus” incident, which, according to the Bible, saw him struck blind by a bright light on his way to take followers of Jesus to prison and healed 3 days later by Ananias of Damascus when he repented his sins.

While not one of the first 12 disciples, Paul (originally called Saul before his conversion) went on to become a key figure in early Christianity credited with writing 14 of the 27 books in the New Testament and as founder of many churches.

Apostle Paul is being developed by Warner Bros. with Jackman on board to produce, along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck via their production company Pearl Street Films. A script is currently being penned by Matt Cook, writer of upcoming films Triple 9 and By Way of Helena.

Jackman’s casting follows the news that, after ten years, he’s planning to leave his role as mutant superhero Wolverine following one last film, scheduled to be released in 2017. The actor is also set to star as circus pioneer PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman On Earth, to be released in 2016.


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