Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill joins The Flash/Arrow spin-off

Broadchurch actor will play time-travelling hero Rip Hunter in DC Comics TV show

Arthur Darvill is no stranger to travelling through time, what with the years he spent on the Tardis as Rory Williams. Now he’s due to go on his own chronotastic adventures – without the help of the Doctor.


The Broadchurch actor has been cast in DC Comics’ newest TV series, a spinoff from the already established shows Arrow and The Flash. He will play Rip Hunter, a witty time traveller and adventurer who nevertheless wields responsibility for all of history.

Darvill joins Ciara Renée, playing the avian heroine Hawkgirl, and former-Superman Brandon Routh, who reprises his role as the shrinking Atom from Arrow. According to a report in Deadline, a third main male role has yet to be cast. Also appearing in the spinoff are Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell from The Flash and Caity Lotz from Arrow. 

Although unconnected to crossover movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the as-yet-unnamed television show will expand the DC comics universe on television. With several interrelated shows, it’s a similar tactic to how rivals Marvel established the hulking Avengers franchise in cinemas.

Marvel are also extending into television with Agents of Shield, Peggy Carter and several Netflix shows, including Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones starring fellow Doctor Who alumnus David Tennant.


Rip Hunter and friends are expected to debut next year. There is no word on whether he will dress up as a Roman centurion at any point.