Why you should subscribe to… Pronunciation Manual

Struggle with pronouncing words like chipotle, haute couture, faux pas and quinoa? Don't - whatever you do - take this advice...


YouTube is home to plenty of videos helping people pronounce tricky words. But, despite its name, Pronunciation Manual isn’t one of them.


The channel might purport to be a tool to “teach viewers how to accurately pronounce words” which has “taught English to millions of people worldwide,” but this is in fact how NOT to say chipotle, quinoa and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

You’ve probably already guessed that this article isn’t going to change your life. It won’t teach you anything interesting about the world of entertainment news, or open your eyes to something important or worthy. It certainly won’t improve your vocabulary.

This is straight up silliness, but it might just make you giggle.

The guides vary from simple…

… to tricky.

No one knows how to say these words. 

But this certainly isn’t helping matters. 

Nah-who-sa-yay. Got it. 

There are some perplexing celebrity names in there, too.  

Like Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Bucket Crunderdunder. 

And Derek creator Ricky Gervais.  

Apparently some people struggle to say Breaking Bad. Struggle no more. 

The Hobbit’s Smaug already divides pronunciation nuts. Now another option has been added to the mix.

Helpful, no? 


Let’s just hope some unsuspecting English language students aren’t wandering around using these pronounciations…